Ritual Creation with Joy – What to Expect

There’s something in your life that wants to be acknowledged in ritual. You know this, and you’re ready to work on making it happen. Now what?

The Process

One thing I absolutely will not do is attempt to bring a pre-made ritual to you, and hope it fits your life experience. Nope. As a result, I’ll need to talk to you – probably in person, if at all possible – to get a good idea for what sort of ceremony will support and delight you the most. The planning process looks about like this:


You contact me with your idea.

I email you, ask a few preliminary questions to get a rough idea of what we’ll be looking at, and we set up a time to meet. We can meet at a coffee shop or cafe in Raleigh, or in your home if you live in the Triangle.

We meet in person. I expect this meeting to take right around an hour – unless there are many details to be discussed. I do charge $30/hr consultation rates – again, being compensated like this means I can afford to spend time getting to know you and your needs.
During this meeting, I’ll be asking you some fairly deep questions to be sure I understand your desires and expectations. You may want to think about some of these things beforehand:

  • What does this ritual mean to you?
  • What would you like for it to do – how do you think you’ll feel afterward; what will be different?
  • Are there stories or characters/figures you associate with the concepts/experiences we’ll be dealing with in this ceremony? This doesn’t have to be a “sacred” story or a well-known “myth” – any story that you find significant or powerful can give me wonderful insight and material to work with.
  • What are your limits? What should I avoid?
  • Where should this occur? Who do you want there? Should there be food?

Note: I recognize that many ceremonies benefit from the element of surprise. If you feel that having an unknown element(s) in your ritual would benefit you, I will need you to put me in touch with someone you trust absolutely to help me plan those elements for you.


I draft up the ritual. I may email you with detail-oriented questions along the way – please respond as promptly as you can. If materials are required, I may ask that you obtain them or have them obtained, or I may request reimbursement.

The Day Of

I will arrive at our agreed-upon location at least 30 minutes before our designated start time to set up and prepare – I may arrive earlier if there’s a lot of preparation needed.

We’ll go over the plan again, just to make sure we’re all on the same page. You may opt out of anything…but major last minute additions are generally not possible.

We’ll do the thing! It will be personal; it will be beautiful; it will be yours.


I will always plan to stay around for at least 30 minutes after we conclude. This gives you time to let me know if you’re having trouble with coming back to reality, processing the content of the ceremony, or otherwise discombobulated.

You are invited to pass on your feedback – both praise and constructive critique – to me in the days after the ritual. Feedback is vital to growth and improvement!


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