Barter/Trade “Wish List”

**Please Note:

Any barter/trade must be negotiated and agreed upon in advance of the service provided. This means that, unless you speak to me about it beforehand, I will expect cash or check as your means of compensating me.

Things I am Always Happy to Receive:

  • Food! Especially: homemade concoctions, fresh fruits and veggies, pies of all persuasions, soups, and chocolate.
    NB: Please do ask me about my preferences before making something for me – I can be a bit finicky!
  • Massages, bodywork, other holistic/alternative healing modalities.
  • Dance/yoga classes.

Things That are Good for Me to Receive Sometimes:

  • Clothing. I love hand-me-downs. I would be especially thrilled to receive a piece of handmade clothing!
  • Divination. I can read for myself, of course, but sometimes an outside opinion is grand!
  • Images/statuary/icons of various faces of Deity.
  • Haircut/trim/style.

**NB: This list is not, I repeat not, all-inclusive. If you have something to offer that isn’t listed here, please tell me!

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