Who I Serve:

You! I’m committed to working with you where you are – I don’t require clients to hold any particular creed or set of beliefs, nor do I expect you to meditate for an hour each day, and fast on Tuesdays, or know all the names of the chakras in Sanskrit. We all need spiritual support, whether we’re devout followers of a given tradition, seekers looking for a path, or folks who aren’t particularly concerned about a formal practice at all.

I embrace and celebrate diversity – our differences are our beauty and our strength.

Tarot Readings:

You bring the question; I’ll bring the cards. Together, we’ll examine what the they have to say about your situation – from pointing out things you may be missing, to giving suggestions on the best way to navigate your circumstances.

Tarot is many things to many people, but for me, each reading is a story, with plot, setting, and characters, just waiting to be told. And, like all good stories, each reading usually has a couple of different ways it can be interpreted. Embracing multiple narratives helps give a nuanced view of situations, which allows for the complexities, uncertainties, and serendipitous nature of life.

I read with several decks, including the Numinous Tarot deck and the Thoth deck, according to the client’s preference.

Options & Rates

  • In-Person Reading – 1hr/$60
    Conducted at my home in Raleigh. An hour-long reading gives us ample time to explore a single issue in-depth, or examine a couple of smaller questions. Shorter or longer times may be arranged by request.
  • Online Reading1hr/$40
    Until 6/21, I’ll be offering these readings on a donation-only basis!
    Conducted in the comfort of your home, over Google Hangouts. This is a new format for me, so I’m offering it at a discount! This includes a photo of your reading emailed to you for future reference.
  • Email Reading – 30min/$30
    If you have trouble scheduling facetime, even online, this option allows you to send me your question via email, and I’ll send you a photo and detailed writeup of the reading. You’re welcome to follow up with a clarifying question or two!


  • Take a look at what a reading with me might look like:


Ritual work is the heart and soul of what I feel I have to offer as clergy. I specialize in transition and life-cycle rituals. For folks who are not attached to a particular religious/spiritual tradition (and even for folks who are!), these sorts of ceremonies can help add depth, meaning, and coherency to the changes we experience throughout our lives. Common examples of these include:

  • Infant namings/blessings
  • Menarche/manhood/coming of age rituals
  • Weddings/handfastings
  • Pregnancy/expectant mother blessings
  • Croning/sagings
  • Memorial services

However, there are also other times when a ceremony, thoughtfully planned and executed, can help ease and make tangible a transition:

  • Graduation
  • Coming out/into one’s sexuality, gender identity, or expression
  • Entering the workforce/a new career
  • Blessing a new home
  • Dealing with/processing trauma, recovery, or an extended physical/mental healing process
  • Marking an anniversary – of trauma, of blessing
  • Navigating a divorce/separation

Of course, this is not an all-inclusive list! The kinds of transitions that can benefit from ritual are as numerous as the folks experiencing them.



Ritual rates depend on the length and complexity of the ritual, as well as the amount of preparation, planning, and travel required by each individual ritual. I do require in-person consultation prior to most rituals – my consultation rate is $30/hour. Rates for rituals range from $50-200.


A Note on Compensation:

Above, I have listed rates for the services I provide. However, I am often open to barter/trade arrangements. The point of compensation is to help me take care of myself, so I can afford to spend more time and energy helping others take care of themselves. So, for instance, if you make a casserole for me instead of giving me money for a reading, you have helped me take care of myself. A list of things that I would especially appreciate receiving in exchange for my services appears on this page.


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